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14th January 2007

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PRESSfeed is a content syndication tool designed by PR professionals for PR and marketing use. Companies both big and small have had success with this tool – reaching wider audiences, increasing traffic, raising online visibility and search ranking.

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About the blogger:

Sally Falkow

Sally Falkow PRESSfeedSally is a veteran of the PR industry and in 2003 she was looking for a way to add news content to websites and syndicate it in a feed. At that time she could not find a tool that did all the things she wanted, so she teamed up with Joel Morris and built PRESSfeed. Sally is also a principal at the Internet PR agency Expansion Plus in Los Angeles. She is the 2007 Research Chair for the Society of New Communication Research and heads up the Social Media Club in LA. As from January 1 2007 Sally is the officlal blogger for Bulldog Reporter. You can contact her at sally at press-feed.com

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