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2nd January 2007

Baby Boomers Reach for Tech Products

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 TV Land’s Joy of Tech study revealed that for many Baby Boomers, understanding and using     technology is a badge of honor. They are young enough to be comfortable with and embrace technology, but not too young to be able to appreciate what this evolution has brought society.

 78 million strong and with $2.3 trillion in annual spending, outpacing 18-39 year olds by 53%, Baby Boomers have the numbers, financial means and desire to create their “digital nest,” says the study.

Boomers consider the “4 C’s” or four key factors: control, choice, clarity and community. They want devices that allow them to control technology to bring them content choices when and where the want them.

According to a new BURST! Media study, three of five adults 55 years and older, known to be the heaviest consumers of offline media such as newspapers and TV network news, say they use the Internet more today than they did a year ago. This data is supported by comScore Media Metrix research, which finds the number of online adults aged 55 and older grew by 20 percent to reach over 27 million in 2005.

It’s the ability to access content any time of the day that’s attracting the baby boomers.   Sounds like they are a perfect match for RSS feeds.  So its no surprise to find that sites such as the AARP, New York Times and the Wall St. Journal publish content in RSS feeds.

If you’re interested in reaching Baby Boomers, perhaps you should do the same. 


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