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31st December 2006

RSS “One of the Coolest Things on the Internet”

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So says the news service Reuters.   Of course we happen to agree.

“I don’t use bookmarks at all, ever,” says media blogger Jeff Jarvis, who offers RSS as a way to read his blog at Buzzmachine.com. “If a site doesn’t have RSS, I find it a great irritant.”

RSS comes in handy in a variety of everyday situations, said Forrester analyst Charlene Li.  Li is currently looking for tickets to the musical The Jersey Boys and is monitoring a feed on this key phrase at Craig’s List.  As far back as July 2005, Li tipped RSS as something that businesses, and in particular PR folk, should be using.  “If you do nothing else put your news releases in an RSS feed,” said Li back then.

Top U.S. news Web sites have known this for a while.  People do want to be able to get their news in an easy way.  In the first half of 2007 both the New York Times and the Washington Post have plans to upgrade their feeds and so that non- tech savvy folk like you and me will find it easy to read and subscribe.

One simple way to do this is to upgrade to the new IE7 or use Firefox.  You’ll get a reader built in and when you click on that orange RSS icon, you’ll see the content – not the code. 

And if you are publishing content – a business owner with a website or news content -take the lead from these news giants. Create RSS feeds on your website and syndicate your content online. 

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