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28th December 2006

Web Content Syndication in 2007

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Two items I saw today piqued my interest:

Microsoft has a patent application on RSS technology – and it has loosed a storm of response.  Conjecture by tech bloggers that Microsoft may be heading towards a fee-based RSS solution is just further evidence that RSS is here to stay and is a viable technology.  Web content syndication is catching on – and is becoming a necessary tool for finding and consuming business related information.



Then I read the post by Richard Edelman about the mainstream media take on Web 2.0.

I have spoken in the past two weeks with senior editors at Business Week, the Economist and the Wall Street Journal. All of them recognize the inexorable move of readers to on-line media and acknowledge the problem of delivering high quality but high cost news while advertising revenue declines,” writes Edelman in his blog.

He makes the valid point that this move to online news and Web 2.0 applications means companies who want to score ‘ink’ will have to offer their content in multiple formats. Create RSS Feeds and syndicate your news content. Offer multi media elements and third party expert sources for the story.

Does this sound suspiciously like a social media press release?  At least it gives PR people a very real reason to look at the new format. 

And if you still don’t at least have your news content in an RSS feed, make that a priority in 2007

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