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23rd September 2006

Video casting reaches millions

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Marketing guru Seth Godin has seen the power of online video. In an interview with Tom Peters he said,

“I did an experiment with Google in February. I gave a speech there, and they said, “Can we put this on our video site?” I intentionally had changed and edited my speech, so I wouldn’t be giving up all my best slides. I said, “Sure.” It’s been downloaded, I think, more than half a million times. It spread far and wide.

What I discovered is that people who had never read my work and never would read my work, had watched the video. There’s something magical about video. It’s a drug that goes straight to some part of your brain that people cannot get enough of.”

Seth’s planning to add content to YouTube as soon as he figures out the technology.

“I think every marketer, every organization has to have at least one statement on YouTube. Because if someone looks for you on YouTube and doesn’t find you, you don’t get a chance to talk to them. That doesn’t mean you have to do one every week. It doesn’t mean it has to be brilliant, viral stuff. But I think if I owned the Nescafé brand, I’d want to put up a five minute interview with the CEO of Nescafé, just in case someone types “Nescafé” into YouTube.”

That’s smart thinking. MSN is launching Soapbox – and it remains to be seen how much market share they can wean away.

Video on mobile devices is also on the rise. According to Telephia, researcher to communications and new media markets, the mobile TV audience grew 45 percent to 3.7 million subscribers in Q2 2006. The third screen allows consumers to get news and information while on the go.

“Consumers want television at their fingertips… News and information is the killer app for mobile television,” said Telephia exec Tamara Gaffney.

So once you have the video material, add it to your website as a download, get it indexed in Google and Yahoo video search, put it on YouTube and then syndicate it in an RSS feed.

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