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2nd September 2006

RSS Strategy

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Author and marketing guru Seth Godin makes a good point about whyRSS is a necessary addition to your marketing strategy :

“…The local newspaper never had to worry about an attention lottery–everyone in town read the paper. Today, because it’s become molecuralized, our attention flits around, shuffled by one automated (or handbuilt) editor or another. The only win I see in the long run is for the winner of today’s attention lottery to earn a subscription (an RSS feed or an email sign up or a podcast subscription) that gives them a chance to be noticed tomorrow as well. Depending on the magic of shuffle for your success is too painful and too unpredictable.”

Alan Morrison , who covers technology and related industry trends as an analyst and editor for the Tech Center at PricewaterhouseCoopers , agrees and offers this advice:

…It would seem that what content providers–anyone who publishes, really–need is a Web 2.0 content strategy centered around encouraging subscription growth generally–including at a minimum RSS feeds, newsletter registrations and podcast subscriptions. It’s likely much content is escaping customers’ attention, more than what otherwise would be the case even, because the content’s not optimized for subscription.

Read his strategy outline.

Just with any other marketing activity – offline or online – you need an RSS strategy to be successful.

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