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2nd September 2006

RSS feeds are a new web medium

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In a recent interview in Business 2.0, the CEO of FeedBurner, Dick Costello, said that like the Web 10 years ago, feeds have reached a tipping point.

“You can’t stop this train,” he told them. “Content is going to be syndicated and consumed all over the place. Your job is to figure out how to turn that into an opportunity.”

So where are the opportunities?

  • Adding RSS feeds to your news content allows you to deliver a constant stream of content to your subcribers
  • Syndicating your content makes it available to a much wider audience
  • you know you will reach the audience – RSS has 100% guaranteed delivery of the content
  • RSS is a brand-new medium, as distinct from the Web as the Web is from newspapers, radio, and TV, says Business 2.0. To take advantage of this new medium, you need to create and publish RSS feeds. Content syndication is what this new medium is all about.

    As Costello says, you can’t stop this train. Are you on board yet?

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