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3rd August 2006

Content Strategy a must for RSS as well as Email

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Media Post’s Email Insider newsletter has an excellent article today on how your content strategy can affect your sender reputation. of course they are referring to email campaigns. But it applies ust as much to RSS feeds.

Sending out out email campaigns or setting up RSS feeds is not rocket science today – with turn key content syndication solutions like PRESSfeed, you can create and publish RSS feeds quickly and easily. It’s what goe sinthe feed that makes the difference. Just RSS enabling your content won’t get you more visitors. Content really is King

Is your content thought provoking/useful data? Will it grab their interest and attention? Will they subscribe to the feed?

Time is of the essence today. News mastering and content aggregation/packaging find an audience precisely because we suffer from information overload. We need good sources of information delivered in a way that’s easy to receive, scan and digest.

We live in an attention economy. Getting and keeping the attention of your audience is the prize. And the way you do that is to develop a content strategy that really meets their needs.

If you are generating content you absolutely need to create and publish RSS feeds so you can get it syndicated. But you also have to put in place a sound content strategy or the results won’t be there.

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