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23rd July 2006

Creating RSS feeds vital for new media press release and online PR

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There is a new Google Group discussing a possible format for a new media press release that would take advantage of all the social media opportunities.

Our kudos go to Tom Biro who wote:

>> I think that the social media tools are one of the things that will bring news releases to the future, but it isn’t ALL about blogs, per se. RSS is a huge deal, in my eyes.

We agree, of course.

RSS is the content delivery mechanism that makes all this possible. Yet when e-consultancy.com published a list of search terms used to search for online PR, RSS and content syndication were not even mentioned.

Odd, since ‘RSS’ gets searched about 50 percent more than the word ‘blogging.’ And the phrase content syndication is a growing search term. At least when they search content syndication you can be pretty sure they are thinking about online PR.

Getting your news content up on your site in a timely manner in a format journalists will use, and then syndicating that content to all the right places so you can reach the right audiences, requires RSS feeds. Take another look at that new media release format – there are a couple of places that need an RSS feed.

Get your news content on your site and create an RSS feed – it’s a good start.

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