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29th June 2006

Just half of US marketers are using RSS feeds and blogs

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A recent Forrester Research report reveals that most interactive marketers continue to bank on proven methods such as e-mail and search, and experiment with rich media and new forms of targeting like enterprise RSS feeds, blogs, social networking, mobile and in-game ads.

93 percent use or plan on using e-mail
80 percent use or plan to use search
73 percent employ or plan on employing behavioral targeting
69 percent use contextual targeting
67 percent said they use or expect to use rich media e-mail or rich media display ads

50 percent use or plan to use blogs or social networks
47 percent use or plan to use RSS
43 percent go or have gone mobile
28 percent are doing or plan on doing advergaming or in-game ads

Forty-two percent of participants described their companies as aggressive when it comes to investing in marketing technology, while 58 did not.

Amazes me when every day you see more stats about how audiences are leaving traditional media and spending more time on the Net. Broadband and mobile technology is the way to reach your audience today.

Perhaps the next twelve months will get the other half on board.

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