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13th August 2015

Online Newsrooms are the Perfect Panda Fodder

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Google Panda & Newsrooms Webinar


After much speculation amongst Search experts about a Google update underway, Google has confirmed their suspicions.  There is indeed a new Panda 4,2 algorithm update rolling out.  Panda updates have always been about the quality of the content.  The first one was implemented in 2011.  Since then there have been some minor tweaks and updates.  But this is the first time there has been a major new Panda update, says Google.

So what is this new Panda update all about?  The quality of the content. Google said that while Panda is a site-wide action, it might not affect all pages within a site the same way. Some pages might suffer more than others.  And some, if they comply with the new Panda content rules, might do better than others.

Join us on August 26, 2015 at 10:00 am PT and 1:00 pm ET

Learn what the Panda update requirements for content are and why your newsroom could just be the perfect vehicle to take advantage of this major update and earn much better search visibility.



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