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19th April 2015

Why Brands Need More Content

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Almost 90% of BtoB companies and most BtoC companies are using content as an integral part of their marketing and PR strategy today. 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content this year versus last year. (Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs).Only 32% say they are creating enough content. That means content spend is going up in 2015.

Another areas of concern is whether the content they are producing is effective.  The top 3 things that make content effective are

So content is getting a lot of attention from marketers and PR pros this year.  These are the burning questions.

  • Are we doing enough?
  • Can we produce more in-house?
  • Is what we’re doing now effective?
  • Can we measure it?
  • How can we improve our content impact?

One question that should be on that list, yet never seems to get asked is: “Where should we house all this content?”

It’s not enough to spread it across social media.  That has to be done, yes. But remember that those platforms are all rented space.  You need a digital content hub on your own site and the best place to do that is your online newsroom.

Bozzuto newsroom 1

The media (and the public) value having one place to go to find all your content.  Curate everything in one place.  Make it very visual, dead simple to find and use.

It pays dividends.


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