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6th April 2015

Why PR Pros are Missing Earned Media Opportunities

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The findings of the 2015 PRESSfeed & SNCR Media Trends & Online Newsroom Report about how brands are missing earned media opportunities with visual content – video in particular- were fully supported by the latest DS Simon Productions Media Influencers Report.

The Media Influencers report surveyed 300 journalists on their use of digital video content.

  • 76% of producers and journalists affiliated with digital outlets of television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, media sites reported using outside produced video
  • 74% said they would post or link to the full video
  • More than a third said that they expect to use “much more” PR produced video in the next year

So the opportunity for earned media with video has yet to peak.  However, the PRESSfeed study of 300 company newsrooms  showed that brands are not taking advantage of this opportunity. Fewer than 30% of the Fortune 100 companies have a video gallery in their newsroom.

Which begs the question – Why?

The fact that the demand for visual content is growing by leaps and bounds is no secret.  There have been many articles and case studies about just how much a good visual increases page views and engagement.  That’s why the media is so keen on using video  And since they’re strapped for resources, it’s obvious that they’d be open to using externally produced video.

Seems to me like a PR no-brainer. So why aren’t we doing it?

It’s not difficult to produce good images and videos anymore.  So that’s no excuse. All it takes is a little bit of time and effort to learn to do it.  You can create amazing images on your smartphone.  You can even make pretty good videos on your phone or tablet.  Telling your brand story has to be visual now.  And there is a big opportunity to score earned media if you learn to do it well.


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