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13th April 2006

enterprise RSS feeds now available from PRESSfeed

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All those objections from the IT department about allowing outsiders access to your website are a thing of the past.

Our new enterprise hosted version of PRESSfeed allows you to create RSS feeds yourself, add content to your site in an instant and distribute it across the Internet.

No need to even ask IT. No need for a webmaster. Anyone who can use Word can do it. You can put new content on the site right now. With just a few clicks it’s on the site and in the feed. You can use it for all kinds of marketing and PR content – press releases, new product info, tech updates and alerts.

The look and feel of the pages is exactly the same as your corporate site. The end user would never know they are not on your site. The way it is set up even the search engines think it is on your site, so you get all the search benefits of the feeds.

It solves all the problems of adding new content and getting it out. If you ‘d liike a demo of how this works, email me at info at press-feed.com

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