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8th March 2006

RSS feeds – poised to hit mainstream this year

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I had two interesting calls this week that illustrate the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of how enterprises view RSS feeds.

The first was from a large travel company that specializes in cruises. Their online marketing exec told me that she fully expects RSS to become completely mainstream by the end of this year with the release of IE 7. Although they are known to be fairly conservative in their marketing, this time she’s determined to be an industry leader. They have used one free RSS Feed for the past six months. Now they are going full steam ahead and gearing up to run several feeds on the paid service, so that their travel agents and customers can access the content they want, when they want it.

On the other hand, a client that has had the full service for six months, but has not really been utilizing it much, has decided that until they get their online PR and marketing strategy sorted out they will suspend the feeds. While this premise has value – you do need to know where you are going in order to get there – it seems to me to be to headed backwards. Looking at the fast pace of RSS feed adoption, it would make much more sense to do the strategy right away and then kick their RSS content delivery into high gear.

There are just too many examples of publishers and companies reporting declining numbers on their email lists and fast growing subscriptions to their RSS Feeds.

Now is the time to implement that Boy Scout motto – Be Prepared!

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