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7th January 2006

RSS in 2006

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Why corporate and enterprise marketing folk need to pay attention to content feeds

The new year always brings a slew of tech predictions. Click Z asked a few thought leaders for their ideas and the one that caught my eye was from Dick Costolo, CEO of Feedburner.

“2006 will be the year that RSS subscription gets shoved “down the stack”. That is, more and more subscribers will not have to know that they are subscribing to something specific called an RSS feed. They’ll just say “I want to subscribe to this thing with one of the apps I normally use everyday” and it will just work. People who subscribe to feeds will no longer need to know to look for the little orange button and right click.”

Last year when the Ponemon Institute’s Trust and Credibility survey was released, they found that people want to be able to control the marketing messages they receive. I commented that RSS feeds fit all the criteria for increased trust and credibility as listed in this study.

Yahoo’s survey of RSS users found that a majority of users are already at the point where they don’t know they use RSS. They just want to subscribe to the content.

And that’s the best reason every company should add RSS to their website content.Make it available and make it as easy as possible to subscribe.

Offer them interesting content and let them choose what they receive in their feed. With a little thought and effort, your feeds can provide a TiVO experience for your users – it will allow them to control the messages and it will build trust and credibility.

More than 50 percent of web content is now consumer generated. The days of corporate and enterprise control of the message are long gone. Wakwe up and smell the feeds.

It’s time to give your audience content the way they want it – in a customizable content feed they can control.

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