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2nd November 2005

RSS – Are We there Yet?

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Excellent article in Marketing Profs

Matt Blumberg lists the milestones he thinks we have to meet for RSS to hit the mainstream

25 million or more end users really using RSS

Be Really Simple to use -which it is not yet

We need better directories, search capabilities, feed customization, keyword feed aggregation, and the like, when every single Web site and individual has its own RSS feed.

RSS must work with other channels the same way email has come to work with direct mail, and banners have come to work with brand advertising, will be critical to its success as a content and media vehicle

It’s difficult to deliver relevant messages, whether content or advertising, to someone if you know nothing about the person and if you treat that person like everyone else on your list

But as Rok points out in his RSS Diary – personalization of feeds is already being done.

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