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7th September 2005

What can a web feed do for you?

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For the content recipient:

The Internet has provided us with access to information at the touch of a keyboard.. However, it is an overwhelming amount of information.

Feeds make it easy to manage this flow of information. Feeds can keep you updated.

You get all the latest news right away without having to search the web. You set p your preferences once and the content comes to your desktop. Your subscription is anonymous. You don’t have to give out your email address. Feeds allow you to read content updates in your reader – not online. In our fast-paced world with tons of information available, feeds are a great time saver. How many websites have you intended to go back to and then forgotten about them? Even those we bookmark don’t get visited.

For a website publisher/company:

Feeds keep your audience constantly updated. It keeps you in communication with your audience. It is the ultimate permission content delivery vehicle.
News is perfect content for a feed. The Internet is now the number one choice for news in the 18 – 54 year old age group. There are so many sources of news that your visitors, and the journalists who cover your industry, won’t come to your site every day. But if you offer an RSS feed of your news it pops right into their reader.

Journalists use the Internet to research stories.. Your feeds could get picked up on multiple sites and come to the attention of journalists when they do an initial search. If they are already feed savvy and they use a reader to do their online research, your news feed can be right on their desktop .

Let’s say you update your website with product news regularly. If a visitor doesn’t come back to your site and see all those updates, she won’t know about them. But with a feed she automatically gets the content updates. She may not purchase immediately, but at least she has seen each update. When she does want to buy, she will come to your site.

For a software company, tech articles or support updates get posted on the site. Unless the users remember to visit the site regularly, they could miss important data. Feed it to them and they get it every time.

If the headline catches their attention, chances are they’ll click through and read the article.

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