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7th September 2005

How are feeds different from e-mail?

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Email is becoming problematical as a content delivery method. Inboxes are flooded with spam and filters are getting more aggressive. Delivery of email is down to 34%. People no longer want to give out their email addresses as they know they are going to receive more junk mail.

The Ponemon Institute’s recent study on trust and credibility in marketing revealed that over 80% of those surveyed do want to hear from companies they have dealt with. However, they only want to receive material that is relevant to them, based on their past purchasing habits and they want it delivered in a way that they can control.

RSS fits all these parameters. It is a secure delivery method. RSS has a 100% delivery rate. Subscriptions are anonymous. There is no spam. If the content no longer appeals to the reader they can unsubscribe with one click – and they are actually unsubscribed

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