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7th September 2005

How do people read feeds?

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To receive an RSS feed, you need a newsreader – or content aggregator.

In the same way that you need a radio receiver to be able to hear radio stations, you need a feed reader to get the feed content.

There are Web-based readers like Bloglines and My Yahoo.

There are also downloadable newsreaders you can install on your desktop like our free PRESSfeed reader

Others, like NewsGator, have a cost attached.

Newsreaders offer a variety of special features, including combining several related feeds into a single view, hiding items that the viewer has already seen, and categorizing feeds and items.

Once you have decided on a rader to use, you have to set up your prefernces and start to load feeds you’d like to read, When it is all set up the your reader will collect the feeds you‘re interested in every time there is an update in that content.

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