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7th September 2005

How do you find the feeds you want to subscibe to?

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Feeds can be foudn almost anywher eon the Internt now. Web feeds get picked up and published by other websites. Feeds are gaining the attention of the search engines. Often a feed will come up high in a keyword search, and the person reading it won’t even know they are reading feed content.

Feed search engines and blog search engines are springing up all over the Net. More and more web surfers are learning that to find good feed content they can search specific search engines and directories, like Pub Sub, Technorati, Nooked, Rojo and Ice Rocket.

As more people get to know about feeds they look for the little orange and gray icons that indicate the content is available in a feed. These icons usually say RSS, XML or Webfeed.

Now that some of the mainstream sites are incorporating feed readers you will also see this kind of button on sites

Add to My Yahoo!
Add to My MSN

See the next section on how to subscribe to the feeds.

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