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27th April 2009

Twitter Book Covers the Power of RSS

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Toby Bloomberg of DivaMarketing is writing a book on Twitter – each line is 140 characters! :)  In Chapter 6 of the book she covers tactics and content syndication using RSS feeds:

Real Simple Syndication/RSS is the secret of the success of many social media marketing programs. You choose the content you want

Toby interviewed two of the top experts on RSS:

Nick Burcher:

RSS makes your central content point (website, blog etc) like a radio station, with RSS broadcasting a virtual signal (aka a feed)

RSS is the technological backbone of social media, allowing people to consume content wherever they want, whenever they want

RSS enables marketers to easily distribute content to multiple locations – Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, other sites, email etc

Bill Flitter of Pheedo:

RSS is a tool that enables two key components of Social Media Marketing Strategy: Aggregation and Syndication.

Social Media Marketing is not a campaign, its a marathon

Find your digital center (Twitter/Blog/Meet-ups): hub of where your Social Media Marketing begins. Use it as a springboard to syndicate beyond

A successful Social Media Marketing Strategy includes RSS.  It makes it easy to extend your reach/brand where traditional methods fail. It’s the ground troops

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