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8th January 2009

Social Media Must Lead to Tangible ROI for Travel

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The current economic climate has made travel execs focus on the bottom line.  Brand awareness is all well and good, but when it comes to social media, monetization is the top priority for travel executives, says EyeforTravel.  They surveyed travel execs this time last year, prior to their social media conference, and found brand awareness was the top concern.  This year it’s monetization.

And they found that one of the most pressing problems for travel marketers is the ability to track and measure their social media campaigns. And travel companies are not alone – every business is feeling the economic pressure.  Every marketing channel has to prove its worth right now. 

Now is not the time to cut marketing budgets, or to blithely say I know half of my marketing works- I just don’t know which half. You have to make sure every action you take brings results – its the beans for beans theory.

However, ther is a fine line here. Other research shows that the best way to survive, and even flourish, during down times is to form deeper relationships with your customers. So while you are focuisng on the bottom line you also have to communicate with your customers and build loyalty and trust.

It is possible to use social media marketing tools that give you the best of both worlds.  You can be social and allow feedback while you track results from first click all the way to conversion.

Create content about your destination.  Use visual elements like images and interactive video.  Add it to your website. Syndicate the content with RSS feeds.  Embed trackable links.  Link back to a landing page that has a special offer.  Capture the identities of your visitors. Use an analytics tool that can track your visitors, so you get info on where they went after they first clicked on your link and how long it takes for them to come back and convert.


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