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23rd November 2008

Travel Strategy for 2009 – best ROI is online

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According to a recent study from Jupiter Research 94 percent of travel advertisers see strong return on investment in online advertising, versus TV and radio (3 percent) and print (3 percent).

“Almost a third of the money from travel marketers spending will be online for 2008,” said Emily Riley, senior analyst at JupiterResearch.

With companies in all sectors cutting budgets for 2009, where are the travel dollars likely to go?

“Travel spending is going to increase from the marketer’s side significantly,” said Riley, adding that the total spend online for travel will be close to $2 billion in 2008 and will reach $4 billion by 2013. “[Advertisers] see where the ROI is, where the consumer goes, and the money that follows.”

What ROI are travel marketres looking for?

  • generate sales (87 percent)
  • generate leads (37 percent)
  • increase purchase intent (37 percent)
  • build brand awareness (27 percent)
  • build customer loyalty (17 percent)

One of the best ways to increase leads and sales is to improve your search visibility.  A poll conducted by HeBS showed that consistently over 50% of visitors to a hotel website originate from the search engines.

So how do you improve your search visibility?  Search engines thrive on new content.

Web 2.0 sites, that have constantly updated content and peer reviews,  have increased their share in the travel planning process. But travel planning is still predominantly done using traditional travel sites  – and more than 50% of the time the most relevant site is found by oding a search.

In Google’s new SEO starter guide they once again state that unique, exclusive content is a very important part of your search visibility.

Creating great content about your destination and syndicating it in an RSS feed can boost your search ranking remarkably.  If you’re looking for a cost effective travel marketing strategy for 2009, search optimized articles in an RSS Feeds is a sure bet.

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