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1st September 2005

RSS is the hottest brand online, says Forbes

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RSS has become mainstream, states this Forbes article on the rise of RSS.

Jim Moore, one of the partners at the venture capital fund,called RSS Investors, says the sweet spot for RSS develoment is in infrastructure products that will allow better filtering, search, scalability and security.

He thinks developers will leverage RSS into enterprise products that help employees collaborate on projects. It could even help with collaboration with alliance partners and suppliers.

RSS also represents a transformative shift in the traditional media industry, says Chris Alden – one of the co-founders of Rojo a web based RSS aggregator.

“Traditional media is defined by the publisher,” said Alden. “In the RSS world, media is defined by the user.”

And the traditional media is certainly seeing this shift. The BBC recently reported that they have a 30 percent month over month increase in RSS subscriptions. Those little orange icons proliferate on media sites today.

Even the AARP offers RSS feeds on their site.

Shouldn’t you?

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