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30th October 2007

RSS Feeds On Journalists’ Radar

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For the longest time marketing and PR folk have pooh-poohed the idea that many journalists are reading RSS feeds.  Too techie they say.

Not so, says a new study from Bulldog Reporter and TEKgroup. 

In fact, journalist’s use of online newsrooms, blogs, RSS and social media is much higher than PR professionals believed and the need to access news 24 hours a day online is being referred to as the biggest change in journalism practice.

According to this survey nearly 16% of journalists receive five or more RSS feeds of news services, blogs, podcasts or videocasts every week, and about 37% receive at least one regular RSS feed.

If you’re not yet up to speed with Web 2.0 technology on your news content, make this a priority for the new year.  If you’d like your news to be that one feed journalists in your space read regularly, you have make it available in an RSS feed.

One easy way to get started is to put PRESSfeed on your news releases and other news content.  Within a few days you could have an online news room available to journalists 24 hours a day. 

Your feeds will ‘ping’ Yahoo, Google and other online news aggregators and blog search engines.

You can add images, audio and video.  You can syndicate your news content in RSS feeds with social  bookmarks and tags. 

Your audio and video feeds will be iTunes compliant.

Online media relations has never been easier to implement. Get your news out where the journalists are searching when they write their stories.

This is the way media relations is done today.

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