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25th November 2014

The Power of Google News

Google news 2

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Hosted by :  Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed, the digital news and content hub.  Guest:  Tinu Abayomi-Paul, CEO of Leveraged Promotion

Sally Falkow president PRESSFeed


Over the past year Google News has steadily crept up in the rankings of the Top 15 Mos Popular News websites.  A year ago it was at #4 with 65 million monthly visitors. The November 2014 figures show that it is now at #2 and   chomping at the heels of Yahoo News.  And why should this be of interest to you as a PR practitioner or marketer?

“...what would you say if I said your site could earn 10% more clicks from Google with very little extra work? Would 20% more clicks interest you? What if the number was 30% or more? No, I’m not talking about any unethical, black hat activity – I’m talking about getting found in Google News!”  Search Engine Land.

How does that work?  Google regularly includes a block of content from the News Index showing the top few relevant results right on the Google Web Search results page. So if your news content is regularly found in the tops few results for news for your brand name or keywords, it will also show up on the main Google search page for those search terms.  And that means more clicks and qualified, interested visitors to your site or newsroom.

Apples news block outlined

You often see this with well-known brands or Fortune 100 companies, but you can do it too.  Join us on December 3 and learn how to leverage the power of Google News to drive traffic to your site or newsroom.

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