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17th May 2013

Twitter Is Now a Part of the Media


Twitter is already playing a large part in the news industry: it’s where many people find breaking news and journalists go to locate sources close to a breaking story.  And Twitter has big plans to become even more entrenched as a news source. They recently posted this job opening:

Twitter is playing an integral role in the evolution of the news industry — both as a tool for reporters and newsrooms and as a way for consumers to find news in real-time. Twitter has already changed the way news breaks and provided journalists new ways to connect with their readers. We are looking for a seasoned leader to shape and drive the next growth phase of Twitter’s partnership with the news industry. We believe Twitter is a valuable complement to the great work already being done and want to find ways for Twitter to help ensure the industry’s success.

How does Twitter envision their role in the news business? This is what they expect the new hire to do for Twitter:

You will be responsible for devising and executing the strategies that make Twitter indispensable to newsrooms and journalists, as well as an essential part of the operations and strategy of news organizations and TV news networks. You should have a strong vision for the broad potential of Twitter and news, while also being able to rigorously manage and scale the news team’s daily impact.

And these are the key results they hope this person will achieve for Twitter:

  • Develop a multi-year year strategy for news that drives substantial increases in:
    • Volume and quality of professional news content on Twitter, especially in breaking news
    • Number of journalists using Twitter, both as a tool to aid their reporting and also as a tool to distribute their content
    • Volume and quality in usage of Twitter as a source in news stories (online and in print)
    • How widely and effectively Twitter products are used by news organizations—from embedded timelines and Tweets on news sites to adoption of on-Twitter products like Twitter Cards
    • Volume and quality of on-air integrations across TV news networks
    • Frequency and engagement level of user behavior around news content on Twitter

No small undertaking.  And a clear indication of Twitter’s commitment to becoming a major influence in the news industry.

Is Twitter an integral part of  your Digital PR and media relations strategy?  If not, you might want to rethink what you’re doing with Twitter. It should be way more than just an outreach activity.

  1. Use Twitter to find journalists, bloggers and influencers who should be part of your media relations plan. (Learn to search Twitter bios)
  2. Build relationships with them on Twitter
  3. Make Twitter part of your news syndication network – distribute your news there.
  4. Optimize your Twitter bio and all tweets for search.
  5. Display your Twitter feed in your online newsroom

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