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1st March 2013

How Does Your Online Newsroom Compare to the Best?

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Ragan.com recently announced their awards for online newsrooms – Cisco took top honors.  Their newsroom is a good example of what a company or organization should be doing in 2013. http://newsroom.cisco.com.

Of course this kind of newsroom is probably not feasible for a small to medium sized business.  But you can still have all the bells and whistles needed in an online newsroom that provide the content the media values in the format they want.

What should be in your newsroom?  According to Econsultancy you must have:

  1. Value-added content – it is not only the media that visits your newsroom today.  Yet Econsultancy found that only 22% of the brands they evaluated offered added-value content such as blogs, news opinion pieces, tips, customer advice and education.
  2. High quality multimedia content – Econsultancy reports that 40% of companies fail to provide even the most basic of image libraries. Where they did exist, they were poorly stocked. Only 9% included infographics and only 51% featured video content.
  3. Social Media tools to amplify the content –  Only 55% of the brands assessed in this report offered sharing tools with links to social networks.
  4. Make it easy to contact you – 24% of the brands evaluated failed to list a phone number for a representative in their newsroom. Only 19% provided regional contacts and 45% failed to include contact details on press releases.
  5. Make it easy to find – put a link to your newsroom on the homepage.  Optimize all the content in the newsroom for search.  Your newsroom should be the #2 listing in Google for a search for your brand name.  It should show up at #1 for a search for “Company name + news”

There are many more features that you ought to have in your online newsroom – use this checklist to evaluate how effective your newsroom is.







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