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20th November 2012

The Social-Creative Online Newsroom

David Armano of Edelman Digital wrote a great post about the need for brands to become publishers and explained the need for a social-creative online newsroom as part of that process.

“If your company doesn’t have the above model in place a year from now, you may regret it.  It’s all going to come down to this: content, quality, frequency and relevancy.  If companies are to become media, they must master the art and science of merging marketing with a real-time news cycle,” said Armano in this article.


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6th November 2012

Visual Storytelling

There  have been a slew of articles recently about tips to improve your content marketing.  And indeed, marketers are embracing the idea of using content as a marketing tool.

Using stories to spread the brand message is not a new idea for PR people though. It’s been a core part of PR for decades.

What is new is the need for visual material to expand and enhance the story. Rebecca Lieb, author of Content Marketing: think like a Publisher and an analyst at the Altimeter Group has this to say:

“PR professionals have a natural aptitude for storytelling, but primarily their skills are more written-word than technologically based. Research we – and others – have recently conducted indicates strongly that brands are enthusiastically ramping up their content marketing initiatives. However PRs are competing with advertising agencies for this business, and agencies are proficient in technology, design, video and other forms of digital storytelling that matter a lot to marketers.

A study I conducted earlier this year demonstrates that brands are de-emphasizing the written word in favor of infographics, images, and video. In other words, visual storytelling.

This requires a skill shift in PR. Learn visual storytelling, which necessitates both tactical skills and understanding of graphic design and video.”

So as facile as we may be with the written-word – and many PR thought leaders  still emphasize the need to be able to write well –  if you’re keeping your PR eye on the technological ball you will also learn these new skills needed for visual storytelling.

Once you are producing visuals with your stories and news content make sure you have an online newsroom that can display it all in the format the media prefers and the public can easily share.


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