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15th October 2012

Modern Media Relations


The news and media landscape has been turned on its head in the last ten years. Newsrooms no longer operate like they used to.  Journalists have to cover several beats, watch feeds of related stories online, troll social media, find sources and then produce multimedia assets with every story. See this story about Andy Carvin of NPR and how he reports the news.

This is a marvelous opportunity for savvy companies that can see the possibilities of a collaborative media relations model.  Here’s how it is done.

  1. Do an audit of all the people in your firm who have expertise in a particular area.
  2. Create a database of experts and their topics of content.
  3. Post this list in your newsroom.
  4. Refine your media list – find the journalists and bloggers who write about those topics.
  5. Identify stories that these media outlets might be interested in developing.
  6. Put together a team that can investigate and develop the story, with supporting images, graphics, slide shows, videos that would make this story come alive.
  7. Pitch the idea to the journalists and offer your experts and your team to help them craft the story with killer multimedia assets.
  8. Add a ‘story ideas’ section to your newsroom, with elements of news stories that could be developed this way.

The new media landscape may be radically different, but it is filled with amazing PR opportunities.

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10th October 2012

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