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14th August 2012

The SEO Power of Content



This is excellent advice from Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz.  He gives 5 things you can do on your page to improve the SEO value of your content and what the search engines look for in your content.

All five are relevant to the content in your newsroom:

1.  Semantic connectivity – are the words and phrases in your content related throughout the document. Search engines are getting very language-savvy.  They can tell if a piece of content has a thread of closely connected terms.

2.  Block level optimization.  Search engines index the page from top to bottom and expects the entire page talk about the topic.  Headline, subhead, first paragraph, middle section and last paragraph all have to be relevant and serve the visitors interests and the search query you are optimizing for.

3. Linking out to authoritative sites that are relevant to the content on the page.

4. Visitor Experience – usability. Never mind Big Brother – Google is watching!  They know how people respond.  Do they find what they want, do they come back, how long they stay on the page, do they complete actions on the page.

5. This one is particularly relevant for your news and blog content. Make it completely original and informative. Write great, unique content on every single page.  Post Panda Google seems to like longer copy – but it has to have value. Use longer, in-depth content that has an experiential feel.

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