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20th July 2012

Two Digital PR Tools

One digital PR tool every practitioner should be using is a dashboard that helps you track and monitor your online activity.  If you are working in an agency or large firm you probably have access to a sophisticated subscription service.

If you are an independent practitioner,  a small shop, or even a mid-sized business, you might find those fees too onerous and be looking at your more fortunate colleagues with more than just a hint of envy in your glance.

If that is the case, take a look at the new Netvibes dashboard.  It is quick and easy to set up, they have a slew of new widgets that make it possible to display your Facebook and Twitter feeds in the dashboard, do searches on news, blogs and microblogs, and run your replies right from the dashboard.  You can also connect and display your Google Analytics data, so you can keep track of how your content brings traffic back to your newsroom and your website.  And best of all, it is completely free!  Sweet!


digital PR tools dashboard

Using this dashboard in conjunction with your online newsroom extends the value of your digital PR tools.  The newsroom allows you to control your news and social content.  You can post and publish without the need to learn to program, or have to wait for IT or a webmaster.  And with the dashboard you can see where your social and news content is published, shared or commented on.  You can see who re-tweets it. And you can reply right away from the dashboard.

At PRESSfeed we assist our newsroom clients to set up a customized dashboard that works for them and we show them how to use these digital PR tools to best advantage.


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