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25th April 2011

Integrate Social Media Into Your Newsroom

Many companies are considering integrating more social media features into their corporate website this year – the  online newsroom is a logical place to add social features.

This is the process Cisco adopted.  Via Dado van Peterghem on Slideshare

Here are some examples

BASF has a new online information service for journalists, bloggers and brand fans. Social Media Newsroom bundles all Web 2.0 information about the company on an easy-to-navigate central platform

VanderBilt University built their newsroom in WordPress.

Intel took the in-house custom built approach

Opel has a social media hub

Scania was one of the first to create a social newsroom

Building a social media newsroom in-house takes time, commitment and qualified resources who understand the features needed and how to build them.

If you’d like to upgrade your newsroom ask for a demo of the PRESSfeed social media newsroom.  We can have you up and running in just 14 days.


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12th April 2011

Online Video Sharing Doubles in Less Than a Year

Online video sharing has doubled in the last nine months, says Unruly Media, a firm that tracks video viewing and sharing behavior online.

And according to their report 40% of all YouTube views happen on Facebook.



Forbes and Google’s “Video in the C-Suite” report shows that video is becoming a critical information source for C-suite executives and can drive them to action.

  • More than 80% said they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago.
  • More than 75% of C-Suite Executives watch work-related corporate video online on a business-related website at least weekly.
  • 65% of C-suite Executives report visiting a vendor’s website after watching their online video
  • The social element of online video is also strong in the executive suite: More than half of senior executives share videos with colleagues at least weekly, and receive work-related videos as often.

What kind of videos should companies and organizations be considering to cash in on this online video bonanza?

Chris Lake has some great suggestions in a blog post at Econsultancy

These are my favorites:

  1. Branded videos – creates awareness and builds interest
  2. Product videos – a great way to build trust
  3. User videos – get your customers to tell your story
  4. Sponsored videos – tapping into talent and great content
  5. Clickable/hotspot videos – increases conversions

Online videos give companies the chance to get really creative and connect with their audience in a new way.

How can PR tap into this trend?

Story telling and video have been an integral part of PR for many years. Now that the barriers to video production are fast disappearing,  make this skill a priority in 2011.

  • Take a class on digital video production
  • Learn to use your smart phone to make and upload a video right to the web (Note:  The Flip video is going away)
  • Get basic editing skills so you can clean up the video and add intro and outro screens
  • Learn how to optimize your videos for search
  • Find a creative online video specialist that can assist you with projects that are beyond your capabilities

Online video is an opportunity the PR industry should seize with both hands.

Creating a Video Gallery in Your Newsroom

Having videos that appeal to your audiences on site in the social web is a great strategy, but you also have to house them in a central hub of content -and what better place than your newsroom?  Create a video gallery that showcases all your videos and make it easy for journalists, bloggers and interested visitors to your website to find and share your content.

Offer them all the possible sharing options you can.  And make very sure you have a way for them to share your videos on Facebook!


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Image credit:  Flickr – Lars K. Jensen






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