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15th September 2010

Social Media Newsroom – Intel Ahead of the Pack

Intel debuted their social media newsroom last month after eight months of development. It has all the features one would expect in a social news hub:

  • commenting
  • rating
  • discussion areas
  • special access areas
  • Web video
  • blogs
  • Facebook and Twitter plug-ins
  • SMR (social media releases)
  • SEO friendly attributes

“The development project took roughly 8 months—but in actuality it was more of a culmination of several years of experimentation using the previous Intel Press Room website as a sandbox for much of what went into the new site,” said Patrick Darling, online media relations manager for Intel in an interview with Bulldog Reporter.

“One of the biggest and most unexpected changes was the one that took place in my own perspective about the purpose of a news website itself,” says Darling.

What does he mean by that?  He explained that instead of focusing only on the front end of a news portal, today you have to be aware of what’s needed behind the scenes to make it easy for people, bloggers journalists and search engines  to find, use and share your news content.

Darling shared these tips in the interview:

  • Experiment. Experiment. Experiment. I don’t believe in failure, so go, do, learn, adjust, succeed… and have fun!
  • Always keep the primary purpose in mind. It’s still about getting compelling content to your intended audience. Widgets, gadgets and gizmos are great, but don’t lose sight of the purpose behind it all.
  • Learn to use web analytics. Block off time in your calendar and dig in, have fun with them—you’ll learn to find some great nuggets in unexpected places!
  • Portability—using RSS and other means to make all content mobile from a point of origin out to many online destinations (subscribers, readers, aggregators, etc.).
  • Shareability—making content easy for your audience to quickly grab and share on Twitter, Facebook, etc. by using share widgets, offering short pre-made tweet samples w/short URLs, etc.
  • SEO—making sure content is optimized in every possible way to rank at the top of search engines is increasingly going to be a critical piece of any online PR strategy

Excellent advice, and if you need help with some of these points here are a few tools you might find useful:

  1. The PRESSfeed news optimization toolbar. This free toolbar has full instructions on how to optimize a news release for search.(SEO)  It also has many of the tools you need to do the steps in the instructions
  2. Google Analytics in 10 minutes – an excellent book to get you started
  3. RSS tutorial – Feeds are the bloodlines of the social web.  If you are not quite sure what an RSS Feed is and what it does, this is a great place to start
  4. How feeds filter your news content into the social web.  A short video that explains why a feed on news content is essential

At PRESSfeed we spent two years learning what various audiences want from a newshub on a company website today.  And we are constantly learning and adapting.  Patric Darling is quite right – it is a case of experiment, experiment, experiment.  Social media ia a moving target. Just when you think you have it all buttoned down a new idea or widget surfaces.

If you do not have the time, resources and patience to spend a year or so developing your social online newsroom, take a look at PRESSfeed – you could be up and running in 2 weeks!

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