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20th May 2010

Integrating Social Content with Your Website

Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group posted an excellent slide deck today that shows a roadmap for integrating social content with a corporate website.

View more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang.

The roadmap looks like this:

 In an analysis we did at the end of 2009 we found that while more than 50% of the companies in the Fortune 500 and the Inc 500 lists were active on social media, most of them are still at Step 1 on this roadmap.  Less than 20% had any links to their social content  (Step 2.)

We will be revisiting that list this month to see how these companies stack up against this roadmap.

We’re excited to note that adding a PRESSfeed social media newsroom immediately puts a website at Step 5.  And the features due to be added soon will put it at Step 7! 

It’s a quick and easy way to jump start your integration and keep your website relevant.

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10th May 2010

New Media PR Tips: Setting Up a Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

Now that social media has been acknowledged as “just another medium” and something that has to be part of every PR plan, mastering the skills of social media are top of the list for most PR folk.  And it is not a simple task. 

The young, tech-savvy folk know how to use the tools, but don’t always have the experience to put together a strategic PR plan.   The more seasoned PR veterans need help with the new technology.  And even those who use computers every day and are quite tech-savvy find aspects of social media a challenge.   So social media training and coaching can be very helpful. 

We’ll be posting PR tips twice a week on the PRESSfeed blog

The first one is how to setup a NetVibes dashboard to monitor and tap into online conversations. 

If you are not yet using an RSS reader to collect data about your company and your industry, that would be the place to start. 

Here are two short videos that will help you set up a dashboard in NetVibes that you can use to find and collect mentions of your compnay/brand/industry/keywords online.


New Media PR Tips is brought to you by PRESSfeed – the social media newsroom. 

If you know other PR people who would find our blog and Twitter feed useful, please tell them about us.

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3rd May 2010

Twitter is a News Medium

Twitter is the new CNN, writes Lance Ulanoff in PCMag.com today. He’s referring to the study What is Twitter, a Social Network or a News Media? released at the International World Wide Web (WWW) Conference in Raleigh NC last week.

The researchers cite the definition of media as a means of communication that reaches or influences people widely.

In the summary of their findings the researchers point out that:

  • following is not mutual on Twitter
  • a few users can reach a large audience directly
  • most users can reach a large audience by word of mouth quickly
  • users talk about timely topics
  • the majority of topics are headlines

Adding your Twitter feed to your online newsroom makes a lot of sense

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