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8th September 2009

The Importance of a Social Media Newsroom


Many businesses budget tens of thousands of dollars a month, or more, for public relations programs, but ignore the most effective PR resource in a company’s arsenal: its own web site, says EcontentMag.com

As the news cycle gets shorter and shorter, journalists, editors and bloggers are often looking for information about a company when the PR contact is not available.   A very high percentage of news writers today visit online news rooms in search of data.

Why not make it easy for them to find all your social media content in one place?

What you need in a good social media newsroom:

  1. Ease of use – if they can’t find you, you won’t be getting coverage.  Make it really easy to cut and paste the data.  Offer embed codes.
  2. It’s a fast news cycle – with micro blogging we’re near real-time.  Put your latest news upfront and syndicate it.
  3. Give them support  data –  add profiles, bios, fact sheets
  4. Link to all social media content – make it easy to find your Twitter feed, Facebook page and any other relevant sites where you have content.
  5. Add news feeds (RSS) to all your corporate news releases.
  6. Feature your media coverage
  7. Feature blog coverage
  8. Add other interesting content – your blog, articles, tips, recipes.  Listen to your customers onlilne and find out what kind of content would be of interest to them.

Online PR has been in the spotlight recently and many companies are scrambling to get their PR campaigns integrated with social media.  Remember to  also upgrade your own website and put all that good content in a social media  newsroom.



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