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28th April 2009

Cluetrain Ten Years On

The Cluetrain Manifesto, published ten years ago, has 95 theses.  With not a lot to go on the authors predicted how they thought the Internet would change our lives: the way we communicate, connect, find news and information. All of which of course changes the way businesses need to operate.

Starting today 95 bloggers are writing their take on how each thesis has made an impact on our world. And big news – original author Doc Searls has just been added as one of the contributors.

You can follow the posts by subscribing to the #cluetrainplus10  Twitter feed.

Isn’t RSS a wonderful tool?

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27th April 2009

Twitter Book Covers the Power of RSS

Toby Bloomberg of DivaMarketing is writing a book on Twitter – each line is 140 characters! :)  In Chapter 6 of the book she covers tactics and content syndication using RSS feeds:

Real Simple Syndication/RSS is the secret of the success of many social media marketing programs. You choose the content you want

Toby interviewed two of the top experts on RSS:

Nick Burcher:

RSS makes your central content point (website, blog etc) like a radio station, with RSS broadcasting a virtual signal (aka a feed)

RSS is the technological backbone of social media, allowing people to consume content wherever they want, whenever they want

RSS enables marketers to easily distribute content to multiple locations – Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, other sites, email etc

Bill Flitter of Pheedo:

RSS is a tool that enables two key components of Social Media Marketing Strategy: Aggregation and Syndication.

Social Media Marketing is not a campaign, its a marathon

Find your digital center (Twitter/Blog/Meet-ups): hub of where your Social Media Marketing begins. Use it as a springboard to syndicate beyond

A successful Social Media Marketing Strategy includes RSS.  It makes it easy to extend your reach/brand where traditional methods fail. It’s the ground troops

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