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16th January 2009

Vegas.com makes the most of social media

Vegas.com has introduced Always Open, an online page dedicated to providing Vegas fans direct access to content about Vegas on social media platforms. They’ve created pages on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Flickr.  their Twitter page already has more than 400 followers.  Perhaps we’ll see them on the top 100 in the future.

It’s smart to connect with your audience where they are, in the medium they prefer. Always Open shows unfiltered photos of working in Vegas tourism, interviews with celebrities and real-time advice on what to do while in Vegas — from shows and nightclubs to which hotels have the best deals.

This kind of social media content is easy to hook up thanks to RSS feeds.  Most social content is moving on RSS feeds.  Other travel and tourism destinations that cater to the digirati – and that includes the Boomers now – should follow Vegas.com’s lead.

Get great content into the social media platforms.  Have ‘people just like me’ writing reviews, blogs and tweets.  Make it easy to subscribe and share that content.  Make it  available in an RSS feed.

People are online looking for info and deals.   Give them great content they can relate to and you’ll get the monitization you’re after.

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