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28th December 2008

Travelers Still Out and About in 2009

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Predictions for 2009 are that despite uncertainty about the future, people are still going to be traveling.  Milions of Americans plan to take a vacation newxt year – but they are counting their pennies.

“Consumers are responding as we might expect in troubled times,” said Suzanne Cook, research vice president for the Travel Industry Association in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.  Cook’s forecast is based on interviews with 2,291 adults in October.  7 out of 10 respondents said they intend to take an overnight trip of 50 miles or more in the next six months. Nearly half of those surveyed said they did not plan to change their future travel plans because of the financial turmoil.

The study predicts only a 1.3 percent decline in leisure travel next year from this year.

Some key findings:

  • 76 percent of travelers expect to book a packaged vacation (air, hotels, meals and sightseeing) to save money.
  • 58 percent plan to comparison shop for prices and rates specifically on the Internet.

How can you use this data in your 2009 marketing strategy?

Get your destination, resort or hotel very visible online.

Take the time to find a boutique agency that specializes in online travel PR.

Show up in local search on Google.

Offer great package deals to prospective travelers.

Concentrate on markets close to you.

Create articles and interactive videos about your destination.

Show them the attractions they can see, and  the experiences they can have, while staying with you.  Syndicate this content in RSS feeds, so you show up higher, and faster, in the search engines and YouTube.  YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google!

Not sure what RSS feeds are and how they work?  Read What is RSS?

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28th December 2008

Internet Overtakes Newspapers as News Source

The Pew Center for Research for People and the Press published figures December 23 that show online news got a huge boost this year.  It’s jumped from 24 to 40 percent as the main source of news across all age groups.  And in the under 30 age group it’s way higher – equal to TV.

One easy and affordable Internet marketing strategy you can employ right away is to add news content to your site and syndicate it with an RSS feed.  If your news makes it to Google News – number 8 on the top ten list of news sites online – you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

What is RSS? Read our tutorials and case studies.  You’ll see why RSS is an excellent SEO strategy too.

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14th December 2008

What is RSS? Getting Google Searches

Google’s Year-End Zeitgeist list shows us what  our collective minds have been on in 2008.

“Zeitgeist means ‘the spirit of the times,’ and we strive to capture this spirit through exploring the year’s new and exciting search terms,” a Google spokesperson explained to Thomas Claburn of Information Week.

Many of the search terms were phrased as a question – what is….?

What is RSS? is on that list at #5!  Nice to know that more and more people want to know what RSS is and what it can do.

If you are one of the folk who needs help with understanding feeds, read the RSS tutorial or What is RSS on the PRESSfeed site.

What is RSS

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2nd December 2008

Travel Tops Online Sales on Cyber Monday

Cyber Mondays, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, are known to be high sales days for online shopping

This year ROI Research and Performics surveyed 7,043 consumers on the role of search engines in their purchasing behaviors across seven consumer segments and ten product categories.

“Consumers turn to search for different reasons,” said Michael Kahn, VP, account management and marketing for Performics. “Online strategies from one marketer to the next can look like night and day depending on the verticals and target segments each needs to navigate. In some cases, consumers use search to buy; in others, it’s a research tool, often used to find offline retail locations.”

Travel reigned as the top online product category, with 70% of respondents reporting making their last travel purchase online.

Another study released in the UK this week states that companies that do not engage their customers in conversation or provide the information, advice and reviews online searchers are looking for, will be hardest hit by the recession.

Based on this data social media would seem to be the strategy for travel sites in 2009.  RSS is one easy way to get started.  RSS and SEO make the perfect strategy for travel and tourism sites.

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