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25th August 2008

Spam rates make RSS even more attractive

Consumers are not willing to receive boring, irrelevant content from marketers in their email inbox.  Even when they have signed up for the email, if it does not grab their attention or address their needs, it goes in the junk mail box.

As filters improve, users focus less on traditional spam and more on which opt-in material interests them most.

One way to circumvent this problem is to create an RSS feed and offer users the option of subscribing in a feed.  Many consumers prefer this method because it is anonymous – no giving up your email address when you subscribe.  And you can unsubscribe at a click if the content is not what you wanted.  Great for the consumer – and a good method for marketers too, even though you lose some of your metric ability.  You know you get a guaranteed 100% delivery rate and people say they trust marketers who give them control of the messages much more.

Of course it is still all about the content. A boring, irrelevant RSS feed won’t be read either.


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