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22nd April 2008

RSS is the backbone of the social Web

In an interview with Lee Odden, Charlene Li of Forrester Research said that if she had to choose to be a social technology she’d be RSS/XML.

“Nobody would know who I am or what my initials mean, but I make everything work together. I’d be the foundation of mashups, social applications, and widgets. Without me, the social Web would grind to a halt.”

Charlene Li is Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research covering social computing and technologies. She is undoubtedly one of the most often quoted analysts on all things dealing with social computing and commerce on the web.” She has a new book coming out in May called “Groundswell” – co- authored with Josh Berhoff.

Read the full interview 


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17th April 2008

Half of online consumers read RSS Feeds – do you have one?

rss feeds

Image Leigh Blackall

According to the Avenue A | Razorfish Digital Consumer Behavior Study, 56 percent of online consumers now use RSS feeds. And it’s people across all sectors – from those who grow seeds to silver surfers to tech-savvy youngsters. We’ve all got the RSS  bug.

Now that search engines display what they call blended search – where news, images, videos and blogs are all served up on one page – it’s even more important to have content in these ‘buckets.’  RSS feeds can help you to get your content indexed faster and improve your ranking.  You want your news releases and articles to show up on page one for your brand name, product name, or keywords.

If you do not yet have a content syndication strategy in place, get started.

Create an RSS Feed and get your news content out there. 

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