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28th July 2007

Americans are Becoming Mouse Potatoes

mouse potatoThe latest data from the US Census Bureau shows that Americans are spending more and more time online.

“I suspect the only exercise Americans are getting is walking between their TVs and their computers,” said Paul Saffo, a technology forecaster based in Silicon Valley.

“The way people maintain and grow their social networks, and the way they share their stories with others through blogs (and) social networking sites has  changed,” said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which also supplied data for the report.   “In the past decade, the Internet and cellphones have changed the way people interact with each other, the way they work, the way they spend their leisure time.  Technology tools are continuing to shift our social, political and economic lives.  

And the social media tool that makes this content syndication and sharing of information possible? RSS feeds.

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24th July 2007

Google Feedburner Makes RSS More Attractive

As a result of the acquisition of Feedburner by Google their Pro Features, such as TotalStats and MyBrand RSS management products are free to all users .

The MyBrand feature allows you to retain the brand URL on your feed – rather than using feeds.feedburner.com/MyFeedName, your MyBrand-ed feed address can be feeds.myexcellentdomain.net/MyFeedName. 

Content syndication in RSS feeds is an excellent SEO strategy. Of course to take advantage of these new Google goodies you have to have feeds on your site and syndicate your content.  

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19th July 2007

Syndicate Your Video for Better Search Visibility

Search Insider has an excellent piece today about how some online videos are garnering page one visibility in the Google Universal search results.

Brand: Budweiser
Commercial: “Wave”
Google Term and ranking: No.9 for “budweiser”
Commercial present in Ask: Yes
Video host: Google Video
Posted by: Anheuser-Busch
Inline viewing available: Yes
Views: 881,539

Brand: Apple/iPhone
Commercial parody: Conan O’Brien / NBC Late Night’s “It’s much more than just a phone!”
Google Term and ranking: No.8 for “iphone”
Stats: 4,713,990 views
Inline viewing available: Yes
Posted by: NBC
Video host: YouTube
Note: Apple’s own iPhone commercials do not appear in the top 10 at this writing
Query URL: http://www.google.com/search?q=iphone

” My survey of Google results for a number of advertisers mentioned in Adweek’s “Best Of” column, revealed that many (if not most) did not have any video results at all in their respective brand keyword space,” writes Rob Garner .

And here are his top three reasons:

• They did not place the commercial online in a syndicated format
• They did not secure the proper online/digital distribution rights to put the commercial online at all.
• They did not optimize the video asset when placing it online

It’s vital to place your video in an RSS feed that is set up to take videos and has all the relevant tags in place.

Do the keyword research and optimize these tags correctly for both the brand and generic keywords you want visibility on.

“Don’t take your brand keyword space lightly. Many corporations with major offline spend generate millions of brand searches per year, and in many ways these results becomes the first and authoritative impression of what a brand is all about,” says Garner.

Content syndication – text, images and video – can help you to dominate the search results pages on your keywords.  And with the advent of Universal search optimizing and syndicating your content is a marketing must.

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7th July 2007

RSS and social media adopted by 60 percent of Europeans online

60 percent of European online consumers are taking part in Social Computing activities such as reading or writing blogs, listening to podcasts, setting up RSS feeds, reading and writing online customer reviews, or taking part in social networking sites, according to a new report by Forrester Research, Inc.  However all European countries are not equal – the survey polled over 7000 users across Europe and Scandinavia and found that each country has a unique social media profile.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Reading peer reviews is the No. 1 Social Computing activity, with nearly one-third of European online consumers taking part in that activity.
  • Consumers in the UK and Sweden are embracing social networking sites, while users in Germany and France are far less impressed. More than one-third of UK consumers take part in social networking sites, double the European average.
  • Nine percent of all Europeans maintain blogs or publish Web pages. The Dutch are the most prolific, with 15 percent of users in the Netherlands taking part in this activity.
  • The Spanish actively comment on Web sites, while Germans are, by and large, reluctant to offer their opinions online.

Isn’t that interesting? 

Word of mouth from other consumers is the #1 influencer online

Who knew the Brits were the most likely to network and interact?

The Dutch are the most outspoken and give their opinions freely in blogs

Germans are reluctant to speak up and say what they think.

But they are all using RSS Feeds to read content.  If you want your content to be a part of the growing online social media sharing and networking phenomenon, you have to syndicate your content in RSS feeds. 

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4th July 2007

Have An Independent Day

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