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15th June 2007

PRESSfeed’s Second Birthday

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Another year has gone by and PRESSfeed is two years old.  It has gone by so fast.  At the Online Revealed conference in Canada last month one attendee commented that if we have survived two years with no funding and we are growing steadily, we’re doing very well indeed.  We certainly think so.

In the last year we’ve added a bunch of social media features such as tagging and social  bookmarks.  As a result we see our clients’ content is moving into sites like del.icio.us and digg and sending masses of traffic back to the sites.  In almost every site running PRESSfeed the news index page shows up in the top five referring pages.

Content syndication and social media marketing does raise search results and get your message out into Web 2.0 sites. If you still don’t have RSS feeds on your web content now is a good time to do it.

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