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28th April 2007

RSS Is Awesome!



If you have not yet got the RSS ‘bug’ watch this video from Sage Lewis of Web Marketing Watch.

It will only take a few minutes and he really gives you the scoop on why RSS and content syndication is so awesome -(his words.)

Of course, he is speaking from the users point of view. As a marketer you should be thinking that unless your content is available in an RSS feed no one can subscribe to it.

And although he says no one in the room he was addressing seemed to know much about RSS, at the SEO through blogs and feeds session at SES in April, the room was packed to capacity and about 90% of those people used feeds.

Even the AARP uses feeds.  Gardening sites use feeds – Burpees Seeds saw a 4X increase in sales once they implemented content syndication.

If your content is not in a feed it is only on your site and can’t be used, read, consumed elsewhere.

If you want to spread your message online, create RSS feeds and syndicate your content.



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26th April 2007

Social Bookmarking Gains Popularity

 social bookmarks

Social bookmarking is finally gaining traction. Twenty-eight percent of Internet users have tagged online content, and on a typical day, 7 percent of users tag or categorize content, according to Pew Internet and American Life Project’s December 2006 research, says Heidi Cohen  in an article at ClickZ.  del.icio.us took three years to attract their first million users and only six months to get the second million.

What makes social bookmarking important to marketers is it’s another cost-effective way to augment search marketing efforts, distribute content, and aid branding, says Cohen

So how can you use social bookmarking as a marketing tool?  Make it easy for readers to bookmark your content.  Use a tool like PRESSfeed that puts these social bookmarking links and tags right on your webpage.

And don’t forget it’s always about the content. Here is Heidi Cohen’s advice:

At its core, social bookmarking requires engaging content or offering tools readers find interesting and useful and worth passing along. Regardless of your product, act like a magazine editor whose cover must spur newsstand purchases. Think creatively about your offering to produce content that attracts readers.


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25th April 2007

Staying Abreast of New Media Tools Like RSS Feeds

In a newsletter from the Adfero Group that found its way into my inbox today there is an article titled A New Look at an Old Format.  The article talks about new ideas like the social media press release format first discussed at the inaugural Social Media Club meeting in August, 2006.  Shift Communication proposed a template for ths new kind of release.

The Adfero Group is one of the forward looking agencies that is experimenting with ways to tweak and reformat news for their own group and their clients.  And the author’s point is well taken – it’s not really a press release anymore.  It’s so much more than just news you’re sending to the press.  If you are aware of the radical shift to reading news online and the power of sites like Yahoo News, then it’s an online news release.

One aspect of the online news space not mentioned in this article is the syndication of news content using RSS Feeds.  It’s the logical next step once you start to do search optimized reformatted news releases.  PRESSfeed has always been capable of  adding a social media release to a website and distributing it in a feed.  PR Web hits the top tier news sites, but syndication in a feed will hit a much broader base of news aggregation websites.  It really gives your news content legs.  And it gets the attention of the search engines. 

So if you too are thinking about new ways to get your news out online, put RSS feeds on your list.


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17th April 2007

RSS and SEO gets a full house at SES NYC

Times have changed!  A year ago there would definitely not have been standing room only in a session on Feeds and SEO.

 seo and rss feeds


RSS and content syndication have gone from being a ‘techie only’ thing to a mainstream communication and SEO tool.

“People are sitting on the floor, this room is packed. I guess blogs and SEO make for a popular topic,” said SE RoundTable.

RSS feeds can boost your SEO efforts, on your blog and on your webpages.  But the trick is to optimize the content. While ther are some technical SEO tips and tricks, it’s still all about the content.

Without keyword research and a content strategy you’re not likely to find yourself on page one of Google.  But having good content that is optimized in a feed will get you there much faster.

So if you are looking to improve your search results and you do not yet have your news content in a feed, take another look at content syndication as an SEO strategy.

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3rd April 2007

Fresh content plays a more important in role in Google ranking?



Isn’t it a nice feeling to get expert confirmation when you have a nagging suspicion something is going on?  I’ve had just that kind of feeling for a few weeks now that Google has been changing or updating their algorithm. 

SE RoundTable posted today that one of the founders of WebmasterWorld has a thread going that talks about the perceived changes at Google.  It’s titled April 2007 SERP changes at Google and it’s all about the need for freshness of content.

“In the past, Google seemed to forgive relatively unchanging content for certain types of sites, though certainly not for others. Now I’m thinking the algo has shifted, at least a bit.

My gut feel is that the recognition of “freshness” is playing a greater part in Google’s algo, where it can.”

One way to refresh your content regularly is to generate good educational articles about your product or service and add this content to your site in an RSS feed.  Create a section on your homepage where you pull in this content by feed, as well as making a feed from other news sources about your industry. available to your readers.

Creating RSS feeds and syndicating fresh content is the solution to this new SEO direction.

“Updated content seems to be making a move, even against some the well-entrenched .gov and .edu top level domains. We are seeing some “refreshed” branded sites ranking very quickly for competitive terms,” says SE Roundtable.

So while content might be king, static content won’t cut it anymore. It has be refreshed.  Generating good content on a regular basis and syndicating it onto your homepage with an RSS feed fits right into this Google requirement.  And that means better SERP’s. 


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