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31st March 2007

RSS icons and easy subscribe options boost subscriptions


Since the whole point of content syndication is to get more and more people reading your feeds, it’s vital to promote and market your feeds and get people to subscribe.

One of the biggest problelms we find with users of RSS feeds – our clients included – is not making the feed prominently visible to your readers and making it dead easy to subscibe.

While RSS adoption is steadily climbing, there are still many folk out there who don’t understand RSS and how it works. So it’s really important to make sure you have the RSS icon clearly visible on your homepage as well as the pages that are RSS enabled. 

Give them a “What is RSS?” link to a page that clearly explains how to use the feeds.

And definitely offer ‘one-click easy subscribe’ options for Google, My Yahoo, My MSN, Bloglines etc.

The Yahoo and ipsos Insight study on RSS adoption, “Crossing into the Mainstream” found that readers were far more likely to subscribe to a feed if they see a familiar graphic for their favorite RSS reader.

We have found the RSS drop down menu created by TopRank Marketing to be one of the best.


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22nd March 2007

New Survey On Online NewsRooms

The recent TEK Group survey about how journalists view online newsrooms has some interesting facts

  • 93% think is is very important for a company to have a newsroom on their website
  • 78% visit online newsrooms often or very often
  • 93% visit newsrooms on websites for large and small to medium sized companies
  • 71% see a newsroom as an important way to find information about a brand
  • 81% only want to receive information that is of interest to them specifically
  • 73% see a newsroom as an important way to access breaking news
  • 70% want the news organized by type of news content
  • 92% want to be able to search your online news archives
  • 24% want to receive your news via RSS Feeds

If you’re  intersted in improving your media relations and the amount of media coverage you’re getting, make sure you have a good newsorom on your website.

Creating a newsroom with RSS Feeds of your news content by category, so that a reporter can pick the ones that interest them goes a long way towards filling these requirements. 


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13th March 2007

SxSW – RSS and Marketing

rss marketingThe panel consisted of Tom Markiewicz CEO, EvolvePoint (moderator); Emily Chang Co-founder, Ideacodes; Bill Flitter Chief Mktg Officer, Pheedo Inc; John Jantsch Owner, Duct Tape Marketing; Greg Reinacker CTO/Founder, NewsGator Technologies Inc.



1.user adoption of RSS is continuing to grow

2. Internet Explorer 7 has helped increase adoption

3. most people don’t actually know they are consuming RSS content

4. it is about subscribing to content

Why Marketers Should Syndicate Content

  1. It’s an easy and faster way to deliver information to their customers and other audience members
  2. Marketers are becoming more like publishers (here’s a good description of pubvertising – nb: free acct required); the panel said RSS is a great way for marketers to participate
  3. It is a very easy way to optimize your content for search results, because if your feed is optimized then the content is crawled and archived efficiently for search results

What are Marketers Doing Wrong?

  1. publishers being too stingy with their content
  2. most want to restrict the feed to partial text, even though in the research they have done the difference in response rate (clicking back to the website) is not statistically significant between full and partial text
  3. not educating your audience about RSS
  4. not offering easy ways to subscribe to the feed



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9th March 2007

RSS feeds good for etailers with loyal customers

RSS feeds, which automatically deliver updated digital content to subscribers, are gaining popularity with e-tailers. They’re particularly well-suited for marketing activities that involve loyal customers checking for updates in fares, prices, availability and new items, says Charlene Li, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Feeds allow customers to simply subscribe to an alert that notifies them when information that meets their criteria is available–and [they] do so without cluttering the inbox,” says Li.

Creating RSS feeds and syndicating your content can make checking for updates on your site quick and easy for loyal customers. 

RSS content is just as useful to frequent users of non retail sites too.  If you do nothing else, RSS enable your news content. Many journalists use RSS feeds to stay up to date with company news.

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