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29th November 2006

RSS ADoption Much Higher Than Previously Thought

A new study from Bluestreak found 88 percent of the 1000 online users polled use text messaging, 71 percent use message boards, 63 percent use blogs, 36 percent use podcasting, and 28 percent subscribe to RSS feeds.

Key Findings: Rate of Adoption
The rate of adoption for new communication technologies represents a huge opportunity for marketers to expand their online investments into these emerging channels, says Bluestreak.

Tihs is the part I particularly liked:

There’s a growing acceptance of advertising as the trade-off for good content and a further willingness to accept ads and “sponsored” content as long as the information is relevant and high-quality. This is yet another call for marketers to develop and deliver a one-to-one communication with their consumers.

PRESSfeed recently made a strategic alliance with Pheedo precisely because of this attitude to ads. When people receive high quality relevant content in a feed, they are prepared to get a high quality, relevant ad with that content. And many companies have seen the benefit of using feeds to build that one to one communication with their customers.

Web content syndication in feeds is the perfct vehicle for this.

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