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21st October 2006

RSS helped Press Releases to Number One As Information Source for Business Workers

People are looking online for news and information and business workers now find press releases are their number one source of information, says a report from Outsell.

“The real headliner is that the most used content type among knowledge workers for business purposes has switched to press releases,” says Outsell VP and analyst Roger Strouse. Until recently, he says, trade journals had occupied the top spot.

Reasons for this jump in popularity?

Press releases are easier for people to get their hands on
Press releases are shorter and pithier
They oftentimes come right into an RSS reader

Now there’s a real headliner.

We know that information is proliferating so quickly that the technology is having a hard time keeping up. People are using more information to make decisions, so they have to wade through more sources to find the data they want. RSS makes this much easier. It’s a real time saver for business workers.

So if you want your data to be in play make sure you’re putting out press releases. Place them on your website, get them into the news search engines and syndicate your content in an RSS feed.

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6th October 2006

RSS Use In Marketing On TheRise

If you’re still hesitant about the viability of using RSS feeds and content syndication in your marketing mix, take a tip from Marketing Sherpa.

According to their recent survey 40% of marketers are planning on adding RSS feeds to their marketing mix in 2006. And 19%, who had already incorporated the technology, are planning on increasing their 2007 spend.

Why do they do it? Syndicating your content in feeds raises your search visibility and drives qualified traffic to your website.

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6th October 2006

Etailers Turn to RSS , Blogs For Holiday Traffic

Nearly half, 41.6 percent, of retailers will incorporate blogs or RSS feeds into their holiday marketing strategy, and 79.5 percent will use viral marketing at social networking sites, says the 2006 eHoliday Mood Survey released Wednesday. The study was conducted by BizRate Research for Shopzilla and Shop.org.

And they plan to start their online promotions early in November, not wait fo the Thanksgiving weekend.

Smart thinking. Samys Camera insituted an online marketing campaign in 2005 using blogs and feeds and they doubled their usual holiday sales spike. Making your holiday specials known by syndicating your content in RSS feeds and getting them out onto social networking sites can deliver lots of that holiday traffic with cash in hand.

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