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29th August 2006

RSS is an important part of social media

There’s a lively dicussion going on about social media optimization and you can see the current list of rules on Lee Odden’s blog

RSS and content syndication forms a big part of social media. To participate your content must be RSS enabled. Unless you are generating content and creating RSS Feeds so others can easily consume your content, or using RSS feeds to aggregate and ‘newsmaster’ content you can share with others, you’re not even at step one.

So perhaps Rule 0 should be create and share your content in RSS feeds

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23rd August 2006

RSS is the backbone of online news distribution

It seems that the importance of online news has not come onto the radar of manufacturing and electonics firms. Out of 1000 companies listed in vertical news sites and directories, only about 2 percent offer their news in RSS feeds .

Not only would putting their news in a feed make them more visible online, it would also make their news available to the people who routinely visit these vertical sites for information.

And since reading press releases online recently leapfrogged past trade journals to become the number one source of information for business people, getting news releases in an RSS feed so that they become visible online is a vital element in any successful marketing and PR strategy today.

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3rd August 2006

The Future of Search Lies with Content Syndication and RSS

Search Engine Rankings Are Influenced By Content and Reputation

· RSS adoption is growing rapidly. Jupiter Research reports that 25% of large companies are looking at implementing RSS in the next year
· Personalized pages such as MyYahoo, MyMSN and Earthlink offer RSS capabilities to millions of users who don’t even now they are using RSS
· By syndicating your content you can reach a wider audience
· Having sufficient good content on your website and a reputation in your field is vital to good search engine visibility, says Matt Cutts, Google engineer
· Syndicating your content and getting it published on many websites with links pointing back to your site increases your search engine rankings
· According to the Jupiter report 30% of the companies that are implementing RSS in 2006 are doing so because of customer demand.

RSS for delicious page http://del.icio.us/rss/PRESSfeed

delicious link for press feed page http://del.icio.us/pressfeed

Sally Falkow president of pressfeed

Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed


“The simple moral here is that even if you don’t want to go ‘full RSS’ just yet, you need to setup your RSS feeds. Results will follow. People are in fact in need of the content consumption solution offered by RSS … you just need to present it appropriately.”
Rok Hrastnik of Marketing Studies, author of Unleash the Marketing Power of .RSS

“RSS feeds and content syndication are the best tools to use for online PR. If you want to dominate that all important ‘above-the-fold’ real-estate on the search engines you have to generate content that gets people’s attention and syndicate it with RSS feeds.” Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed

PRESSfeed is a turn-key solution that allows non-technical marketing and PR people to add news content to their website and syndicate it in RSS feeds. The purpose f using this service is to increase the quality of content on the site, keep it updated and reach a wider audience. Syndicating content in RSS Feeds also positively affects search engines rankings.

PRESSfeed offers a small business version that is installed on the website and a hosted enterprise version for companies with larger websites and security concerns. http://www.press-feed.com 626 638 3847

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3rd August 2006

Content Strategy a must for RSS as well as Email

Media Post’s Email Insider newsletter has an excellent article today on how your content strategy can affect your sender reputation. of course they are referring to email campaigns. But it applies ust as much to RSS feeds.

Sending out out email campaigns or setting up RSS feeds is not rocket science today – with turn key content syndication solutions like PRESSfeed, you can create and publish RSS feeds quickly and easily. It’s what goe sinthe feed that makes the difference. Just RSS enabling your content won’t get you more visitors. Content really is King

Is your content thought provoking/useful data? Will it grab their interest and attention? Will they subscribe to the feed?

Time is of the essence today. News mastering and content aggregation/packaging find an audience precisely because we suffer from information overload. We need good sources of information delivered in a way that’s easy to receive, scan and digest.

We live in an attention economy. Getting and keeping the attention of your audience is the prize. And the way you do that is to develop a content strategy that really meets their needs.

If you are generating content you absolutely need to create and publish RSS feeds so you can get it syndicated. But you also have to put in place a sound content strategy or the results won’t be there.

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