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21st May 2006

Enterprise RSS perfect with podcasting

Podcasting is definitely getting the attention of marketing and PR execs. Suddenly it is the hot item being discussed, , but as with all new things, many are cautious about implementation and results.

Here are some of the benefits as listed by Eric Schwartzman in his post about the Business Case for podcasting:

Podcasts allow listeners to time-shift and place-shift media consumption
Podcasts are 100% efficient, since episodes are only downloaded by listeners on an opt-in basis
Podcasts are easily accessible to a global audience that is not defined by geographic boundaries
Podcasts are heard by an educated, influential audience with a high disposable income
Podcasts afford companies the ability to leverage electronic programming without an outside news media filter
Podcasts are the most cost effective electronic media distribution channel available

The audience for podcasts in the US will increase to 25 million by 2008, and 50 million by 2010. eMarketer
Demand for podcasts is likely to grow from less than 15% of portable media player owners in 2005, to 75% by 2010 and more than half of all podcasts are consumed on the desktop. The Diffusion Group

An enterpise RSS service that allows you to syndicate content – text, images, audio and video = may be new, but it is fast becoming essential.

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21st May 2006

RSS marketing takes note of usage patterns

Ninety percent of RSS users opt to read the feed content entirely in the aggregator environment, whether they are viewing full text or partial text feeds, according to Pheedo, an RSS marketing and analytics company. “Pheed Read” report on RSS usage patterns.

Advertisers and publishers need to engage the RSS consumer at the aggregator or feed reader level. That’s where the relationship is — not at the website. Hoping for a click-through by publishing summary feed content is not a viable content monetization strategy in an RSS-enabled publishing model, says this report.

If people prefer to get their content in the reader, and they stop coming to your website, the quality of the content and the ability to create an RSS feed is going to be a vital element in your marketing strategy in the very near future.

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